Each of my personal training sessions incorporates flexibility, resistance, core, and cardiovascular conditioning for a total body workout. Every session is specifically tailored to fit the goals and needs of each individual. Whether your goal it is to be able to comfortably carry in a bag of groceries, create maximum muscle development, or simply improve total wellbeing, I will work to create the perfect fit for you. It is my job and passion to help motivate, direct, inspire, and teach in order for each individual to reach their desired outcome. All personal training sessions are held exclusively at The Riverwalk Athletic Club.
- Kristina Delviscio, Certified Personal Trainer





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Individual Sessions

Approximately 60 minutes each session.

Get the personal attention you need to reach your fitness goals with a one on one session. Each session includes a fitness consultation and assessment where we will discuss your current exercise routine, goals, and nutritional habits to establish an appropriate fitness program.

Partner Sessions

Prices listed are per individual. Groups of 3 or 4, take an additional 20% off below prices.

Save money and have more fun when you workout with a friend. Come with your significant other, best friend, mom, daughter or son. Partner workouts will incorporate circuits and partner exercises that can only be done with more than one person.

Stretch, Stabilize, De-Stress

Approximately 30 minutes each session.
Do you sit at a desk all day? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are your joints stiff and your muscles tight? Do you feel strain in your lower back? Are you finding it hard to stand up out of chair? Do you have uncontrolled stress? Exercise can greatly benefit you by increasing your range of motion, flexibility, and core strength and stability. Stretch, Stabilize, and De-stress sessions are designed to improve the function of your body. Your stretch, stabilize, and de-stress program will address your tight muscles and specific stressors in a progression of flexibility, core and pelvic stabilization exercises, and energizing exercises that will make your body say “thank you.”

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Working out with Kristina has helped me in several ways. First of all, my golf game has improved. I am hitting the ball 20 yards further than I was before I started with her. Secondly, she makes me work harder than I would if I were working out alone. Finally, my husband says my body is better now than before I had my two kids. Thanks Kristina!
-P.W., 37, Johnson City

I would highly recommend Kristina as a personal trainer. Her positive attitude is very motivational. She tailors your work out to help you achieve your maximum goals. She also has helped introduce me to new workout ideas such as Spinning, which I would have never tried without her encouragement. All in all Kristina has allowed me to reach a higher level of fitness than ever thought possible.
- Joe Gusefski 51, Vestal

I began working with Kristina as my personal trainer 2 years ago. It has been the greatest investment in my health and physical wellbeing. Not only have we accomplished my fitness goals, we exceeded them. Kristina is goal and results driven. Her primary focus is your health and your individualized fitness plan. In addition to meeting your fitness goals, Kristina takes the time to educate you on nutrition in order to assist you in making healthy choices. Kristina’s approach to health and fitness is exceptional. During these tough economic times I watch every dollar I spend and having Kristina as my personal trainer is the one single investment I will not compromise. If you are considering a lifestyle change and fitness is one of your goals, I encourage you to discuss your fitness goals with Kristina. There is nothing more rewarding than someone walking up to you and saying, “Wow you look great”! I have Kristina to thank for the endless compliments I have been receiving.
-Cariann Brady, RN, 40, Vestal

I needed someone to help direct and motivate me as I approached my wedding date. I had a specific goal in mind but knew I couldn’t do it alone. Kristina gave me the guidance, encouragement, and workout program that I needed in order to lose the 20 pounds I was looking to lose. Not only did I manage to reach that goal but I changed how I live my daily life as well. Two years later and I have managed to keep off the weight. Kristina is sadly missed here in Los Angeles. Her influence has changed my life for the better in so many ways! Thanks!!!
- Sarah Meleka, 32 Pasadena, CA

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Kristina M. DelViscio

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